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Portraits Course

Portraits Course

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🤦🏼‍♀️ Have you ever wanted to draw a face, so it doesn’t look like Shrek?

💋 Have you ever fancied painting the perfect portrait but don’t know where to start?

💅🏻If it is proportions, features, shadowing or skin tone you’re stuck on then this course is for you.

  • Easy Peesy Portraits!
  • Faces with finesse!
  • Fundamentals of portraiture! 

This is your beginner’s guide to painting faces. 

This is a beginners guide to portraits, covering the fundamentals. We do not cover the measuring or grid technique in this course, It’s recommended to learn a free style approach to drawing a face before you perfectthe proportions or achieve a likeness. That way you will always know what and how to draw and place the features.

You may not end up with a painting of anyone you know, but you will have a face, and at the end of this course understand how to draw one.

From the basic shapes, expressions and movement of eyes, noses, mouth and ears, you will ear the portrait and side profile.
You will understand how to structure and place the features on your face, using Sam’s CRT method.
You will draw a woman and man in portrait and a man in side profile.
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