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Paulas Disney Princess Course

Paulas Disney Princess Course

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Hello and welcome to this Micro Disney Princess gel painting course. My aim for you within this course is to teach you the techniques of gel and fine line painting in order for you to create realistic looking characters to wow your clients or to start you on the road of competing in art categories at national and international level competitions.

This course is less about a particular character or design to paint and much more about the process and techniques required in order for you to pick any character you love and be able to paint it in detail.

Within this course you will learn what to look for when choosing a reference picture to paint, what details you need within your reference picture in order to be able to paint your character in detail. How to prepare your reference image and your nail tip to give you the best possible result. I will teach you how to achieve ultra-fine lines, what brushes to use along with what paints to use. We will also be covering how to transfer an image to your nail tip ensuring you have a recognisable character… and that’s all before we even pick up a paint brush!

I will teach you how to start the process of mixing your colours, painting the skin tone along with the facial features, hair, accessories and clothing. The devil is definitely in the details so we will be paying close attention to shading. We will look at highlight, low lights and giving your final piece a little bit of Disney sparkle.

I truly hope you enjoy this course and I look forward to seeing your work.

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