Make Money with Nail art

Make Money with Nail art

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You see nail art online, you admire others talents and wish you could do it too. But the practicalities of salon life get in the way and you shy away from nail art, when your clients says those magic words, “I fancy something different.”

Nail art doesn’t have to be just glitter and ombre, a little marble and combine that with one show-stopping nail or even an extra detail here and there and you can create a complete look your clients will rave about.

It is not just about the nail art, it is down to the profit margins and bottom line. Trust me there is money in nail art. So why not do something you love and make some pennies from it. Those pennes soon turn into pounds and that = Jimmy Choos – (only kidding, bank manager, I meant re-investment, of course….in me).

MAKE MONEY with nail art – join Melanie Lewendon online where she takes you through putting a client’s complete nail art look together. Making money in minutes, Mel explains that being creative in the salon means keeping it simple. Using basic applications with the odd wow nail to pull a design together.

Melanie shares her secrets to getting nail art done in minutes, and finding inspiration from things around you. This class covers nail art applications as well, which you can deconstruct and pull together to form your own style.

Make money with nail art with mel

On this course you will learn;

  • Sugaring
  • Fine Lines
  • Dry Brushing
  • Shadow Highlights
  • Time Management
  • Tearing Illusion
  • Mouse
  • Over Natural
  • Paws
  • Shapes
  • Texturing
  • Denim Effect
  • mixing mediums
  • Mattifying effect
  • delicate and details
  • Gel Painting
  • pigment ombre
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