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Inspired Online

Inspired Online

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Here is the start of your online nail art journey. Please work through all the modules in order, I have developed this lifetime course so each lesson gives you progressive learning. That means the tips, techniques, and tricks I show you in one lesson will help you with the next. I know you might be tempted to jump ahead to a more ‘interesting’ subject or to a design which takes your fancy, but if you skip lessons then you won’t have the skills to complete more advanced designs.

You have paid for this course to become the very best you can be, so absorb everything and use all the materials I give you. Don’t cheat, because you only cheat yourself.

Welcome to Be Inspired Online. Be Inspired is an online nail art education platform which covers a wide range of nail art techniques.

Created by independent nail artist & educator Sam Biddle. Be Inspired Online was created to assist nail techs learn nail art online in the comfort of their own homes.


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