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Aspire 2 Educate

Aspire 2 Educate

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Are you a nail tech Or a beauty therapist that is wanting to get into education but have no clue where to start?

Are you already an educator but have no idea how to ensure your manuals and lesson are up to industry standards ?

Are you thinking of becoming an educator in the future and want to get ahead start ?

Then this course is for you.

Aspire 2 educate has been specifically designed to give educators help and confidence in knowing that the training they are or want to offer is the best it can be for their students. Whilst there is no clear defined regulations for accredited courses, this course will go towards ensuring we are all as much as possible delivering the best education standards we can.

This course is not a qualification to replace your formal teaching qualifications but this course is specific to our industry and its needs and requirements for education. During the course you will :

• Learn all about the different avenues in education within the industry

• Point you in the right direction for your teacher qualifications

• Hear from brands as to what they look for in an educator

• Look at all the different qualifications in the industry and what they mean and how they are delivered

• We will study course durations for each module to ensure your student is getting enough teaching hours

• We will devise lesson plans to help you structure your lessons

. • We will devise manuals and produce our own to set out standards

• You will get a breakdown of the national occupational standards, simplified to make it easier to ensure you include everything in your manuals

• You will get support from me and the opportunity to have a 3 hours of sessions across the course on a 1-2-1 basis to ensure you’re on the right tracks and you are understanding everything

• Example Teaching aides and handouts for you to download and customise with your own branding

• Designated Facebook group to support you and fellow educators through your journey

• The opportunity to view purchase my online theory units at a discounted price to ensure your knowledge is up to date

• We will ensure your teaching space is equipped correctly

• We will look at digital and paper manuals and how we can devise our manuals online in a digital format

• We will look at booking courses and what the student journey should look like

• We will look at the varying accredited bodies and their processes • Risk assessments, insurance requirements & policies you need in place

• Policy guidance and writing

• Websites what do you need ???

• Setting up a facebook and insta page and how to market your courses

• Plus much much more 

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